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JoGis Art, is the pseudonym used by Jordi Gil Fernandez, multidisciplinary artist and former high-competition extreme athlete born in the Catalan Pyrenees and resident in Marbella.

JoGis Art is a self-taught talent, with a marked own style inspired by pop art and street art, which stands out for its fluorine colors, the variety of techniques and textures that it dominates, together with the most exclusive materials in the world make its work authentic unique and unrepeatable collector’s items.

JoGis Art designs and creates all kinds of works of art on canvas, sculptures, luxury cars, furniture collections, clothing or the design of complete spaces for restaurants, etc.; integrating the most iconic characters and the most popular cartoons, to create a fantastic and utopian universe that awakens the senses and emotions of those who contemplate his work.

His immeasurable energy, discipline and spirit of constant improvement make JoGis Art one of the Spanish artists with more pr, whose pieces are part of some of the most exclusive private collections in the world.

I move with passion through life and one of them is undoubtedly CORAZON DE ARENA, the foundation I created for building schools and shaping medical projects in developing countries.

The proceeds from the sales of my artworks sustain the projects of CORAZON DE ARENA. Thanks to the efforts of all its members and those who support us, there are already 500 children in schools and over 600 children reviewed and treated by our doctors.


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